Endless Resumes!

I mean, seriously, the quantity of resumes a person with a resume must maintain just doesn’t end.

Quite by accident, I discovered I have an infographic from a time long ago when I had self-confidence, even the faintest hope of getting a gainful job, and was putting all day every day into marketing myself. Check this out:


This is not the first time I’ve discovered a crapload of my own work by accident.

A few years ago, I thought I’d start with WordPress by using wordpress.com at which point I was told the username “aceofdatabase” was not available. I’ve never run up against anyone else trying to use that moniker, making it a handy personal brand. But, yeah, I had an entire WordPress-based portfolio that I had absolutely no recollection of creating which I found startling.

Visualize.me is outmoded. I can’t get a secure connection out of it and it sort of smacks of abandonment but still might be a neat way to make a personal timeline. I can think of other ways, too. Hopefully I’ll remember the next one.

This is partly how 2008’s global financial meltdown and poor health of the time affected me: some memory loss. I never did land another job in Philadelphia which is how I ended up moving “home” to Coudersport, Pennsylvania in 2012. Knowing I’m too honest I’ll leave it at this: my only dream was to never live here again; I probably should have had bigger dreams.

That 271 mile intrastate move roughly marks the beginning of my 30s and the end of my career as I knew it. Speaking of which, I’ve put Word and WordPress to the test by pasting my resume to a page here.

Personal and Professional Developments

In case you care:

Personal life…

  • I’m losing weight (on purpose).
  • It’s been almost a year since my last cigarette (quitting takes practice, but this is the last time: about that I am gravely serious)
  • I don’t want zmwilliams.com to die so I’m trying to try to work on it 🙂

Professional life…

  • I’ve got four topics on the burner right now in the form of two Udemy courses and Packt Pub books:
    • Materialize CSS
    • JavaScript from the Beginning (AGAIN)
    • WordPress theme development
    • WordPress plug-in development
  • Coming up on three years at Christ Episcopal Church… an interesting milestone for me for several reasons.
  • I completed the website for a non-profit: Environmental Education and Conservation Global, eecg.org,   a few weeks back which mainly involved a customization of the Twenty-Seventeen theme. I wasn’t comfortable with all the decisions I made along the way which has me looking closer at contemporary WordPress theme development as well as topics larger in scope as detailed above.
  • A client streams music and I have to do research in reporting to SoundExchange. All this work sounded more glamorous and high-minded before I got into it but I don’t know what else I’d do.

Considering the median age in Potter County, Pennsylvania, 46, a lot of people I remember from secondary school are going into medicine. This isn’t an in issue unique to the area, but I can only do what I really want to do: I do not want to work in medicine. I care about the community and about people at large but I suppose I’d rather write about them then weigh them or deal with their — ugh — fluids.

But about those things I want to do, there are plenty of them so I’m back to it. <a href=”/email-me/”>Drop me a line, won’t you?</a> If I know you, I miss you. If I don’t, I want to!