Hello Again, World

This isn’t my first personal WordPress site but it’s going to be my last, to be sure. I once found a site I put together as a portfolio during my unsuccessful job search of 2011 (I used to be a full-time web designer & developer). I apparently knew a couple of things about WordPress. I don’t have a passion for WordPress, but it’s popular, so to move forward I’ve gotta keep abreast β€” or two β€” on it.

I worked on one WordPress site in 2017, Black Forest Broadcasting, for a former colleague, moving her from FrontPage (for the love of all things holy). In fact, she was my boss at my first job at WFRM Radio. I think we’ve been through enough to use the term “colleague” considering that was, what… 1995? That required a moment of thought. Whew.

I’ve got another WordPress project coming up fast for a local 501c3 non-profit whose name I won’t bother dropping until I get that site ironed out. My favorite and most rewarding job of all time was a non-profit job at The Franklin Institute when I finished graduate school in 2006. It was truly an, “I have arrived” situation: living in the city, working a creative job. Then, the economy tanked, and from “the great recession” came personal depression that I’ve wrestled down enough to go public again with the facts that I can do stuff like develop websites, write, train, consult, and more.

I promised a local friend that I’d start a blog. She’s got a heart as big as all outdoors, and a second-to-none wit. We’ve shared many laughs which is where all of this stems: I’ve made a lot of people laugh over the years. For that reason, she strongly suggested I get a blog together and started describing Weebly where she has created a decidedly decent website, even if you find the content eccentric. And here I have a domain and fabulous hosting that, until recently, had an “under construction” page that simply veiled my inability to decide what I want to do.

It’s time to do something, or rather, something MORE. This is the start. There are lots of local authors writing about social issues, history, and environmental issues. These are things that need to be addressed. But they won’t be here.

Conjuring humor is the one ability that can really make life feel worthwhile, and that I’ve proven is an in-born asset, not a fluke. It isn’t for everyone, so sometimes, I totally bomb out. But, it is often those failures and other perceived failings that fuel my funnies, as it goes with many comedians. As Osho stated, “It takes a certain darkness to see the stars.”

In clean: I’m no phony, so I’m often to be taken or left, but often taken. That’ll be up to you if it comes down to it. I’m a social creature who loves to meet people. It’s that reason in particular that I don’t have an easy time living here in Coudersport, PA. There is no ebb and flow of people. It’s like “Groundhog Day” except in a Pennsylvania town with less than half the population of Punxsutawney, but plenty of groundhogs, which are ADORABLE.