Endless Resumes!

I mean, seriously, the quantity of resumes a person with a resume must maintain just doesn’t end.

Quite by accident, I discovered I have an infographic from a time long ago when I had self-confidence, even the faintest hope of getting a gainful job, and was putting all day every day into marketing myself. Check this out:


This is not the first time I’ve discovered a crapload of my own work by accident.

A few years ago, I thought I’d start with WordPress by using wordpress.com at which point I was told the username “aceofdatabase” was not available. I’ve never run up against anyone else trying to use that moniker, making it a handy personal brand. But, yeah, I had an entire WordPress-based portfolio that I had absolutely no recollection of creating which I found startling.

Visualize.me is outmoded. I can’t get a secure connection out of it and it sort of smacks of abandonment but still might be a neat way to make a personal timeline. I can think of other ways, too. Hopefully I’ll remember the next one.

This is partly how 2008’s global financial meltdown and poor health of the time affected me: some memory loss. I never did land another job in Philadelphia which is how I ended up moving “home” to Coudersport, Pennsylvania in 2012. Knowing I’m too honest I’ll leave it at this: my only dream was to never live here again; I probably should have had bigger dreams.

That 271 mile intrastate move roughly marks the beginning of my 30s and the end of my career as I knew it. Speaking of which, I’ve put Word and WordPress to the test by pasting my resume to a page here.

Keep Looking Up

Staying on the theme of keeping your head up, you’ll see these “up 872”. These testaments to a robust power grid here in rural, PA are provided here just as— OK, I’m mocking them, alright? I reserve the right to do that as a native. Also the power goes out at my parents’ house every time someone sneezes, so the reasons for that become slightly more tangible when you consider these problems on, literally on, the power lines.

Just a couple miles up 872, a fallen tree rests on power lines, poised to fall, causing the ATA bus to slam into the guide rail.

About a mile up from the newly fallen tree, a much longer Tri-County eyesore/potential disaster is entangled in power lines. I wouldn’t typically call a company or individual out on something like this out of hand if the issue it hadn’t been reported numerous times.

This area thrives in part on a tourist economy, so, even if they think this is not a threat to public safety, it’s enough to give an out-of-towner a moment to pause to ask, “WTF? I wouldn’t want to live near that.”

Is dealing with this really something that has to stretch on and on? Also, see how I did a fancy inset there to try to show some scale? I had to snap these quick, please cut me some slack.

Born with a gift for sarcasm, I’ve tempered it by learning gratitude. So, on the upside, I’m grateful that I get to live downtown where there is a different power company supplying power that has only ever had one outage I know if in three years.