Keep Looking Up

Staying on the theme of keeping your head up, you’ll see these “up 872”. These testaments to a robust power grid here in rural, PA are provided here just as— OK, I’m mocking them, alright? I reserve the right to do that as a native. Also the power goes out at my parents’ house every time someone sneezes, so the reasons for that become slightly more tangible when you consider these problems on, literally on, the power lines.

Just a couple miles up 872, a fallen tree rests on power lines, poised to fall, causing the ATA bus to slam into the guide rail.

About a mile up from the newly fallen tree, a much longer Tri-County eyesore/potential disaster is entangled in power lines. I wouldn’t typically call a company or individual out on something like this out of hand if the issue it hadn’t been reported numerous times.

This area thrives in part on a tourist economy, so, even if they think this is not a threat to public safety, it’s enough to give an out-of-towner a moment to pause to ask, “WTF? I wouldn’t want to live near that.”

Is dealing with this really something that has to stretch on and on? Also, see how I did a fancy inset there to try to show some scale? I had to snap these quick, please cut me some slack.

Born with a gift for sarcasm, I’ve tempered it by learning gratitude. So, on the upside, I’m grateful that I get to live downtown where there is a different power company supplying power that has only ever had one outage I know if in three years.


Personal and Professional Developments

In case you care:

Personal life…

  • I’m losing weight (on purpose).
  • It’s been almost a year since my last cigarette (quitting takes practice, but this is the last time: about that I am gravely serious)
  • I don’t want to die so I’m trying to try to work on it 🙂

Professional life…

  • I’ve got four topics on the burner right now in the form of two Udemy courses and Packt Pub books:
    • Materialize CSS
    • JavaScript from the Beginning (AGAIN)
    • WordPress theme development
    • WordPress plug-in development
  • Coming up on three years at Christ Episcopal Church… an interesting milestone for me for several reasons.
  • I completed the website for a non-profit: Environmental Education and Conservation Global,,   a few weeks back which mainly involved a customization of the Twenty-Seventeen theme. I wasn’t comfortable with all the decisions I made along the way which has me looking closer at contemporary WordPress theme development as well as topics larger in scope as detailed above.
  • A client streams music and I have to do research in reporting to SoundExchange. All this work sounded more glamorous and high-minded before I got into it but I don’t know what else I’d do.

Considering the median age in Potter County, Pennsylvania, 46, a lot of people I remember from secondary school are going into medicine. This isn’t an in issue unique to the area, but I can only do what I really want to do: I do not want to work in medicine. I care about the community and about people at large but I suppose I’d rather write about them then weigh them or deal with their — ugh — fluids.

But about those things I want to do, there are plenty of them so I’m back to it. <a href=”/email-me/”>Drop me a line, won’t you?</a> If I know you, I miss you. If I don’t, I want to!