Professional Experience

Community Development Volunteer, Potter County, Coudersport, PA, Apr 2018 to present

  • Provide graphic design, letter writing, marketing research, and data entry services as required.

Desktop Publisher, Christ Episcopal Church, Coudersport, PA, From Jul 2015 to Dec 2018

  • Managed information and typeset two 16-page service bulletins printed weekly
  • Composed event flyers for screen and print

Office Manager, Coudersport Area Chamber of Commerce, Coudersport, PA, Jun 2015 to Oct 2017

  • Invited back for contract projects after resignation
  • Communicated regularly with members and the public on behalf of the board of directors
  • Planned and staffed events with minimal supervision
  • Consulted with several providers and stakeholders over time to maintain a valuable online presence at
  • Balanced checking accounts, created monthly treasurer’s reports, dispensed reimbursements, and handled cash

Processor, Goodwill Industries of Northcentral Pennsylvania, Coudersport, PA, Dec 2014 to May 2015

  • Recognized use, style, value and salability of items
  • Interacted with the public on the sales floor

Volunteer Communications Consultant, Potter County Visitors Association, Coudersport, PA, Jul 2012 to Jul 2016

  • Produced video promoting county tourism
  • Designed event programs and related print pieces
  • Assisted with event planning and their demanding execution

Web Developer, Field Diagnostic Services, Inc., Langhorne, PA, Mar 2009 to Dec 2010

  • Invited back for two contract projects (2012, 2013) after a 2010 company-wide downsize
  • Created a billable online training product by deploying Moodle; produced video presentations supporting the training topics
  • Designed a contemporary marketing website, earning team recognition and a significant pay raise
  • Developed functional prototypes and proofs-of-concept for data visualization software using assorted applications
  • Coded front-end HTML and CSS for a new data visualization app in development

Internet Content Specialist, The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA, July 2006 to Nov 2008

  • Developed hundreds of web pages for a high-traffic website
  • Researched and produced original multimedia and interactive content supporting web-based exhibits, conferences, and workshops
  • Led projects ranging from high school web design classes to training videos about unique museum artifacts
  • Liaised with departments and undertook development projects in a largely self-directed manner to keep website content fresh and search engine friendly

Customer Service Administrator, TelCove, Coudersport, PA, May 2004 to Jun 2005

  • Provided prompt, professional service at an inbound call center for a national business telecom provider now owned by CenturyLink, Inc.
  • Prepared complex change orders related to customers’ phone services; tracked orders through to completion by collaborating with teams locally and nationwide

Editorial & Graphics Intern, The Potter Leader-Enterprise, Coudersport, PA, Jun 2003 to Aug 2003

  • Reported news, wrote feature stories, and composed display ads for a weekly regional newspaper

Opinion Editor, The Penn, Indiana, PA, Oct 2002 to Jun 2003

  • Managed a growing team of columnists and cartoonists and laid out the opinion section three times weekly

Board Operator, 1160 WCCS, Indiana, PA, Aug 2002 to Jan 2003

  • Engineered operations for live remote sports broadcasts and announced regional news hourly

Traffic Manager & Senior Board Operator, WFRM Radio, Coudersport, PA, Aug 1995 to Jun 2005

  • Scheduled ad spots 24/7 during live and satellite programming for two stations (AM and FM)
  • Wrote and produced copy for news, ads, promos, and PSAs; assigned production to others
  • Trained new employees in all areas of station operations

Contract & Freelance Work

Web Developer, Environmental Education and Conservation Global: Migrated a hard-coded PHP site to WordPress on GoDaddy web hosting at, 2018

Web Developer, Black Forest Broadcasting: Migrated a news website to WordPress on a regional web host; provide ongoing support at, 2017

Graphic Designer, Potter County Historical Society: Composed 88-page book: “An Historical Tour Guide to Potter County, Pennsylvania”, 2015 to 2016

Data Design Consultant, Field Diagnostic Services, Inc.: Enhanced readability and visual appeal of downloadable on-demand PDF reports for my former employer, 2013

Web Designer, Field Diagnostic Services, Inc.: Customized a Plone installation to reflect an existing design spec and conducted training on the deliverable for my former employer, 2012


  • M.S. New Media, Syracuse University, GPA 3.9, June 2006
  • B.S. Communications Media, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Aug 2003

Skills & Traits

  • Microsoft Office: all versions through current
  • Demonstrated abilities in receptionist, customer service, and clerical duties
  • High training aptitude for computer applications and office processes